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Amazon Spring Must-Haves

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner! I love Spring because in the Midwest it means winter is over and warmer weather is coming.

I think it's fun to treat yourself to a new item or two when a new season is coming to celebrate. I have listed out 6 of my Spring must-haves for 2022 from Amazon.

A portable car refrigerator. A refrigerator in the car seems like the next bluetooth feature. In the future everyone will have a refrigerator in their car to help the water bottle stash stay cold and keep snacks fresh. How many times have you brought, or wanted to bring, a snack in the car that needed to be kept cold but you either couldn't bring it or had to eat it sooner than you intended? Now you don't have to worry!

Portable oven and lunch warmer. Do I really need to make an argument for this? How nice would it be to have portable oven to heat up your leftover pizza or veggies. Food always tastes better from the oven than the microwave.

Everything but the Bagel Chickpeas. Chickpeas are a great snack filled with fiber to help you feel fuller longer. Adding more fiber to your diet has a lot of great heart health benefits as well. Chickpeas can be roasted but if you're too lazy to do that, like me, you can buy them already roasted and flavored. You can read more about the benefits of chickpeas in my previous post HERE.

Orgain protein Shake. Orgain is my favorite protein to add to smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, etc. because it has clean and organic ingredients. Get my favorite protein shake recipe HERE. These ready to go protein shakes are perfect for a busy summer and will be perfect in the portable refrigerator.

My spring and summer is going to be filled with chia seeds. Not only are they incredibly easy to add into your diet, they are filled with fiber for heart health, they have protein, calcium and antioxidants in them. Take a look at my chia seed recipe HERE.

Weighted Hula Hoop for adults. Time to get abs, people! Remember when you were a kid and hula hoops were addicting and fun? Exercise should be like! Now it can be with a weighted hula hoop.

Comment what your favorite Spring product is! Click the heart if you liked this post.

*Affiliate links included.

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