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How To Have A Healthy Galentine's Day

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It’s been a little over a month since the holidays and everyone is trying to stay strong with their New Year’s resolution. But wait. Another holiday is a couple days away and that comes with lots of chocolate! Valentine’s Day… or the newfound (fake) holiday that is sweeping the nation, Galentine’s Day!!

Galentine’s Day became popular after it was created by the show Parks and Rec. Galentine’s Day is for women to celebrate their friends. Usually, other women. This is celebrated by buying your besties some chocolate and flowers to let them know you love your friendship. it can also be celebrated by having a movie night, ordering pizza, working out together, dressing up to take cute photos, or whatever you want to do to show you appreciate the relationship.

Valentine’s Day can come with a lot of stress whether you’re in a relationship or not. Maybe this year the only love you need is self-love. It seems easier said than done but self-love can take decades for people to truly find. Below are 13 ways to practice self-love.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

2. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

4. Remember that your value is not based on how your body looks

5. Let go of toxic people

6. Trust yourself

7. Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small

8. Follow your passions

9. Move your body every day

10. Surround yourself with people who love and support you

11. Nourish your body with the correct food and drink

12. Treat others with love and respect

13. Find something to be grateful for each day

You deserve to have a high regard for your own wellbeing and happiness. Start incorporating some of these ways to practice self-love into your daily life.

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A lot of candy and desserts always seem to be lurking around this time of year. There’s added pressure that you’ve made it this far on your New Year’s resolutions or health goals but you don’t know what you can treat yourself on.

Stress eating chocolate can come from having another Valentine’s Day roll around and you’re still single. You may think you might as well give up and eat all the chocolate and desserts you want because “you deserve it” and that’s how you’ll get back at the universe… Okay, relax.

Maybe that was an okay reaction when you were 16. Now, you have a healthy life to live and goals to accomplish! Get yourself together. This wellness journey that you’re on has pit stops for your accomplishments but there is not a destination.

The classic Valentine’s Day of going out to dinner, eating junk food and a big dessert, and then going to bed is all fine and dandy but what if you want something more fulfilling? Something that improves your happiness and wellbeing. Something to do by yourself or with friends. Something that won’t break the bank and won’t conflict with your New Year’s resolution. Below are 10 ways to have a healthy Galentine’s or Valentines Day this year with suggestions. Have this be the year of self-love.

  1. Eat dark chocolate covered strawberries for dessert

  2. Do a Face mask

  3. Continue to drink your water

  4. Reach out to people who are good for your mental health

  5. Rest: Watch a movie, take a rest day from the gym, read a personal growth book, listen to a podcast, take a bath

  6. Create something: Vision board, candle, diy crafts for around the house

  7. Journal: Make a gratitude list, journal your thoughts

  8. Treat your self: Buy new makeup, coffee, manicure, new outfit, get a massage, get takeout from the new local restaurant you've been wanting to try

  9. Do yoga

  10. Listen to music that makes you want to dance

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