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How Are You Creative?

Has anyone ever asked you if you would consider yourself a creative person? How did you respond? Do you think of yourself as creative?

Whenever I have referred to the word "creativity" as a characteristic or quality, I automatically thought that meant a person was artistic. Meaning they colored in the lines, painted pictures well, made decorations, sew, and were good at arts and crafts. All things I have been terrible at my whole life. I have never considered myself to be a creative person and, after telling myself for years that I am not creative, I became not creative. This quality that I lacked affected my confidence in group projects at school, presentations, writing papers, anything where creativity would be an asset.

When I went to college, I started cooking meals with my friends and found that as my creative outlet. I love cooking because I can make a meal with any ingredient that I want. I like being able to put a smile on people's faces when they eat and like something that I made. I love going to the grocery store because there are endless nutrients and meals that can be bought and made to consume.

Why am I telling you this? What does being creative have to do with wellness? Good question.

Since starting my health coaching classes I have learned that creativity is part of optimal health. Creativity is more than being able to draw a perfect picture, it's about changing the way you think, act, question, and/or build relationships. Creativity is how you overcome challenges, solve problems, interpret ideas, and develop new ideas. To navigate through life you need to come up with new ideas, problem solve and build relationships. It's essential, builds resilience and, maintains a happy and healthy life.

Below are exercises and ideas to start tapping into your creative side.

  1. Spend 15 minutes around your house, office, or yard with a journal and pen and write down 10 "issues" or annoyances that catch your attention. Then spend 10 minutes brainstorming one solution for each issue.

  2. Switch up your wardrobe. Wear tops and bottoms you've never worn before. Notice how you feel.

  3. Brush your teeth and hair with your non-dominant arm.

  4. Clear out the clutter in your house. It takes up space and probably doesn't even match your aesthetic.

  5. Write! Make a gratitude list, a to-do list, journal your thoughts, journal what you did that day. Set a goal of writing 400 words before you stop.

  6. Listen to new music. Don't like country music? Play some and listen to the words and how it makes you feel. Try this for any genre.

  7. Give yourself 90 seconds and think of as many uses as possible for avocados, paperclips, tape, and salt.

  8. Listen to Ted Talks about a subject you would like to learn more about.

  9. Invent a new meal with only the ingredients in your house.

  10. Buy an adult coloring book.

  11. Create a vision board. What do you want to see in your future with your life? What do you want your job to be? Do you want kids? Where will you live? how will you dress? What care will you drive?

  12. Garden. Buy new plants and seeds and start growing your own produce. Buy a plant you've never had in your yard before.

  13. Join a Bible study.

  14. Find an online workout or dance class. All in the comfort of your own home without feeling like everyone is looking at you.

  15. Take one picture every day for one year of something that inspires you.

  16. Set a SMART goal. Click the link to learn how.

  17. Create your own workout to try at home or the gym. How do you feel after?

Creativity is in everything we do. It is so much more than being artistic. Comment below on what you enjoy doing to be creative. Click the heart below if you enjoyed this post and share this with your friends!!

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