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Is Kombucha Worth The Hype?

As you can read from my previous blog posts, I don’t advocate for fad diets, supplements that will “shed pounds”, or anything that can’t become a lifestyle.

In the past, I have tried fad diets so that I can relate more and speak from experience to clients or friends and family that have questions. The emphasis is on “in the past” because none of the diets I tried can be made into a lifestyle. They are all quick fixes. If you want to reach optimal health then you need to practice all of the seven dimensions of wellness. Diet-wise, it’s not just calories in calories out. The human body is more complex than that and every person’s genetic makeup is different. Due to this, it’s important to find what works for you.

If you aren’t sure what would be considered a fad diet here’s a list:

Keto diet

Atkins diet

Paleo diet

Intermittent fasting (*insert big eye roll*)

South Beach diet

The Dukan diet

Vegan diet - this has recently become a fad diet due to people doing it to lose weight.

The Zone diet

Have you noticed that they all end in “diet”? As in, not a lifestyle. Weird...

Something that has become a fad in the health industry is Kombucha. However, I completely support kombucha due to the real benefits that come from drinking it. When kombucha first started to get people’s attention I was skeptical. It sounded like the usual manufactured, quick fix to be “healthy”. Fortunately, kombucha lives up to its hype.

Kombucha is fermented, meaning it contains naturally occurring healthy bacteria (probiotics) for gut health. Other types of fermented foods and drinks are Kefir, sauerkraut, greek yogurt, and kimchi. 

Benefits of Kombucha

Probiotics - help digestion, inflammation, healthy gut bacteria

Rich in antioxidants - help fight off diseases

Strengthens immune system

Reduces blood pressure

May help manage Type 2 Diabetes

May manage heart disease risk 

Something important to know is that you can’t drink 1 bottle of kombucha every couple of months and tell yourself you’re getting these benefits. You get these benefits by being consistent with drinking the kombucha…. So it becomes part of your lifestyle. All you need is a couple of sips of kombucha a day and you're golden. 

Comment below other fads you have heard of and aren't sure if they are legit or not.

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