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60 Songs To Improve Your Mood

Do you ever feel like you need a little nudge to be in the right mindset? I’ve noticed myself lately needing an extra boost to get out of a funk or keep my thoughts in check. Recently, when I need an extra push, I’ve been putting on an upbeat song that helps my mind calm down.

Everyone has that one song that can instantly put them in a great mood. However, there is also that song that can always bring you to tears. Music is so fascinating in how it is entertainment and it can be a form of therapy. Think about it. Sometimes you need to play the saddest songs you know to put you in your feels and get the emotion out. Sometimes you need a song to get built up anger out, a song to pump you up, or there are those songs to have a complete jam-out session with your best friend in the summer with the windows rolled down and your hair blowing in your face. And I absolutely cannot leave out when you need some Taylor Swift in your life. My girls know that mood.

Regardless of what kind of music you listen to or what mood you’re in, music has proven psychological benefits of improving mood and motivation. Tapping into emotional wellness here. Studies have shown that music can alter brain chemistry and the production of cytokines. Cytokines are a broad range of small proteins and control the growth of other immune system cells. In a bad and short explanation, music may lead to affecting your immune system and help improve your mood.

Recognizing that music affects mood and the immune system, I have listed 60 songs that are upbeat and are sure to help boost positive thoughts and feelings. Add them to your playlists and listen next time you find yourself in the dumps.

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