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35 Ways To Live More Sustainably

Let’s talk about environmental wellness! Environmental wellness is a lifestyle of respecting our surroundings such as recycling, using safer products and respecting ourselves enough to know when we are surrounding ourselves in a safe place or not. Environmental wellness in one of the seven dimensions that I have explained more in my previous post; The Seven Dimensions of Wellness.  

It was recently Earth Day. The day that everyone posts pictures of nature on social media (myself included) and takes five seconds to “appreciate” the Earth. But what are things that everyone can do to appreciate the Earth every day and live a more sustainable life? Below are 35 ways to live more sustainably. 

  1. Take shorter showers

  2. Use the right oil for your car

  3. Donate clothes

  4. Open your windows instead of using AC

  5. Exercise outside

  6. Purchase energy-saving light bulbs 

  7. Carpool

  8. Unplug unused devices

  9. Use reusable containers, water bottles, bags, dishes, etc. 

  10. Have a Meatless Monday 

  11. Try a Wheatless Wednesday

  12. Start a compost

  13. Store your food properly so it doesn’t go bad

  14. Buy locally

  15. Try to regrow your food from scraps

  16. Eat in-season produce

  17. Join a local community garden

  18. Shop at a local farmers market

  19. Eat your leftovers

  20. Eat less processed foods

  21. Freeze the fruits and veggies you won’t eat in time before they go bad

  22. Combine all your errands in one trip

  23. Turn off lights that you aren’t using

  24. Recycle

  25. Wash your clothes in cold water

  26. Opt for a bar of soap instead of body wash

  27. Keep a bucket in your shower while the water is heating up to water plants 

  28. Use reusable dishcloths instead of paper towels

  29. Use the dishwasher rather than washing dishes by hand

  30. Buy reusable straws

  31. Use glass instead of plastic

  32. Use green, clean products

  33. Shop from companies who are environmentally conscious

  34. Buy less… no, you don’t need four kinds of mascara (guilty)

  35. Pack lighter when you travel

A person can’t make all of these changes in one day. Try adding one new change a week and hopefully, after time, they will become habits. 

Comment below what the first environmentally friendly change you make will be!

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