Hi, I'm Lexi! I am fresh out of college with a degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. Right now, I am in the middle of earning my health coaching certificate through IIN! 

I have created employee weight management programs, been an athlete my whole life, I am CPR/AED/First Aid certified and have experience in corporate wellness. 


You can find me in the kitchen cooking new recipes for my family (the harshest critics) or at the gym always trying a new workout I found from trainers on Instagram.  

I love to travel, spend summer days at the lake and give my opinion when it isn't asked for. My family and two golden retrievers are my world and I will definitely have spelling errors no matter how many times I read over everything. I like to have fun and surround myself with people who push me to be better than the day before. 

I believe that in order to become the best version of yourself, it starts with eating right and exercising and then the other seven dimensions kick in. I take a holistic approach to the seven dimensions of wellness to reach an optimal way to live life. 

Here you will find facts, questions you never thought to ask, easy recipes, motivation, a little dry humor, and many other tips & tricks to help you live your healthiest life. 

Ever since I found my passion for health I have wanted to promote it to as many people as possible to help them become happier and healthier. What better way than to start a blog?! 


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